At Kennemar and Cole we pride ourselves in being able to offer IT services to all levels of customers. With specific tailored services to suit your business needs

Cloud Services

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Cloud computing is becoming the smart choice for lots of businesses. We offer our own services and consultnats to provide independent guidance on which ones are best for your business.

High availability

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One of our core deliveries is the High availability setups we design and provide. Using industry standard systems and our top consultants we are able to offer designs that will help you meet the 99.999%

Disaster Recovery

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Being able to recover quickly from a disaster will allow your business to function again in minutes not weeks, we all know the cost of downtime is not just loss in revenue but loss of reputation.


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Without proper maintenance carried out regularly, systems will become slower and more likely to fail. We offer maintenance agreements to give you piece of mind, so when auditors come you can be sure that your IT systems are ready for inspection

IT consultants

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We know the importance of having the right IT Consultants. We only have Consultants with a proven track record of many years in delivering the best customers. So you can be sure that when we arrive we can help you with your exact needs.

Infrastructure Design

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Data Center and Infrastructure designs don't have to be expensive. A truly well designed setup will allow your business to grow while being flexible. To achieve this Our designs are typically based on a modular approach allowing you to grow whenever you need it.